This course is designed for current CCW holders who would like to improve their firearms skills Major areas of emphasis are in personal protection and defensive shooting techniques, shooting from and around barriers while engaging multiple targets. Learn the importance of defensive shooting, situational awareness, verbal de-escalation, avoidance, loopholes, and posturing, so you, not your attacker will control the outcome. You will participate in situations that were not covered in your concealed carry class. Carrying a handgun concealed is a major responsibility and requires mastering techniques for safe handling and rapid deployment. This “Next Step,” training provides you with insight and the “hands-on,” practical application that is missing from the standard CCW curriculum.


Prerequisite: Intermediate Handgun

Course requirements: All equipment is mandatory for class.

  • Handgun in good working condition.
  • Recommend 300 rounds of good quality ammo.
  • Eye and ear protection.
  • At least 2 magazines* or speed loaders needed for this class.
  • Magazine holder or speed loader holder
  • Strong side hip holster, Holster must allow for one-hand re-holstering… no floppy nylon.
  • Holsters must completely cover the trigger!
  • Shirt or jacket used for concealment.
  • T-shirt with tight collar prevents hot brass down your shirt… A hat would be good too.

There will be a $25.00 cancellation or rescheduling fee.

Fee: $150

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  • Eye and ear protection required (rentals available).
  • Please bring your own firearm or rent one at the range. Ammo is always available on-site as well.
  • The range fee is included in the price of the class.
  • No floppy nylon holsters allowed in qualifications or training classes.
  • All Training Attendance Applications need to be turned in 2 weeks before class.
  • Payment for all classes must be received at least two weeks prior to class.