This course of instruction will provide students with comprehensive set of skills which can be deployed in a variety of situations: on the range, in the home, or other locations. Students will become familiar with the defensive mindset, how our physiological reactions to stress effect shooting skills, how to reduce physiological stress, and review successful case studies.

NOTE: This course is designed for AR or AK style semi-auto rifles with iron or red dot optics and a tactical pistol.




800 rounds of rifle ammo and 100 rounds of pistol ammo


Current or prior military or law enforcement, successful completion of the Intro to Tactical Carbine or written proof of completion of a similar course provided by a reputable training site.  SGC reserves the right to make the final determination of the student having met the prerequisites.

Course Overview:

Time on the range will focus on body position, stance, trigger control, timed and un-timed drills designed to increase shooter confidence and skill at ranges from 7-50 yards. Students will be involved in movement, quick reaction, stoppage and transition drills. Changing from rifle to pistol tactics will also be applied and taught.

Course Outline:

California Laws and Legal Update
Rifle/Pistol selection and accessories selection
Ammunition selection, handling and storage
Rifle manipulation skills
Trigger control
Advanced marksmanship
Covering multiple targets
Moving targets
Moving and shooting
Shooting from cover
Moving to cover

Required Equipment:

CA compliant AR or AK style rifle with a sling (MAGPUL MS4 or similar recommended).
Full size or compact semi-automatic pistol (9mm, .40 cal., .45 cal., or 10mm)
Retention holster for pistol and magazine carriers.
A minimum of three rifle and pistol magazines
Elbow and Knee pads and ground pad recommended.
Sturdy belt with magazine pouch(es)
Bipod or pack on which to rest your rifle while prone recommended
Protective eyewear
Active noise reduction hearing protection recommended


Estimated 800 rounds of approved rifle ammunition and 100 rounds of approved pistol ammunition
No steel core or steel jacketed ammo in compliance with range rules
No reloaded ammo allowed
Ammunition is available for purchase from Sacramento Gun Club

Fee: $395

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