This course is designed for students to practice the shooting aspect of the California course of fire for the CCW renewal qualification. This is a range intensive class, with very little classroom, other than safety briefing and discussing the course of fire. For current CCW holders who are in need of renewal, this is a new course of fire that may require some CCW holders to utilize additional range time to master the course.

2.5-hour course


200 rounds

This course of instruction is for individuals who carry a concealed defensive pistol and are seeking to meet the California renewal requirements of the issuing agency and wish to practice prior to the renewal class.


Possess a valid CCW permit.

Students failing to meet and maintain our safety requirements and/or who cannot meet and immediately demonstrate the minimum skills required for the specific class may be removed from our concealed carry pistol training. Please ensure you have read through the class description and fully understand our prerequisites before registering.

Course Outline:

Firearms safety
Safety concerns and practices while carrying concealed
Choosing a concealed carry firearm
Selecting concealed carry equipment
Presentation of the firearm from a concealed carry posture
Combat and Tactical Reloading
Defensive pistol marksmanship fundamentals
One-handed operation (strong and weak hand – unsupported)
Pistol inspection and maintenance

Required Equipment:

Semi-auto pistol in one of the following calibers: .380, 9MM, .357, .40S&W, or .45ACP
Minimum 3, 10-round magazines or equivalent
Belt mounted, dominant side concealment holster
Magazine/ammunition pouch(es)
Sturdy belt at least 1.5” wide
Concealment jacket or vest
Footwear suitable for rapid movement and turning
Casual, comfortable civilian clothing suitable for training
Hat with a brim (recommended)
Eye Protection
Active noise reduction hearing protection preferred.
Estimated round count:  200 rounds


*non-toxic, non-jacketed FRANGIBLE ammunition may be required
Steel Jacket or reloaded ammo is not allowed
Ammunition is available for purchase from Sacramento Gun Club

Fee: $100

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