FFL Firearms Transfers, Private Party Transfers (PPT), and Ammunition Transfers Policy:

We only provide FFL firearm transfers to current Sacramento Gun Club members. Depending on the membership level, members may receive either one or two FFL firearm transfers per year free of the $100 transfer fee (applicable DROS fee and taxes must still be paid). All fees must be paid at the time of transfer.


We will only provide our FFL information to another FFL dealer. Transferring FFL information must be received prior to the FFL shipment. Requests are to be made via e-mail to shipping@sacramentogunclub.com prior to having the transfer shipped.


We will not accept an FFL firearm transfer unless we have given prior approval to the sending FFL dealer. All unauthorized FFL transfers received will be returned to the originating FFL at the cost of the purchaser.


We do not accept ammunition transfers for members or customers.


Private Party Transfers (PPT) for non-members are during business hours (except for the last hour) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. PPT’s for current Sacramento Gun Club members are during normal business hours (except for the last hour). All fees are to be paid at the time of the transfer (DROS fee, $10 dealership fee, applicable taxes).