With a unique combination of advanced technology and a high level of personal skill, we provide in-house services far beyond the norm. It’s the perfect mix of old-world craft meets modern-day miracle.

Gunsmith Hours:

Wednesday – Saturday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Closed Monday and Tuesday

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General Gun Work

From simple maintenance and inspection to in-depth stripping, cleaning, oiling, carbon removal, barrel work and so much more. No job is too small or too tough to tackle.

Unique Needs

Guns often require a bit of personal attention that goes beyond your traditional cleaning and maintenance. Rest assured, we have the passion, capabilities and know-how to take care of your gun through and through.

Gun Shop Services

  • Diagnosis General Repair
  • Customer Supplied Parts Installation
  • Function and Safety Inspection
  • Quick Clean and Oil Pistol
  • Quick Clean and Oil Rifle
    • Consisting of a basic field strip and clean, wiping down large carbon deposits, and running a boresnake through the barrel.
  • Complete Clean and Oil
    • Consisting of completely stripping the gun, cleaning all parts, checking for wear, making suggestions to a customer of services need to put the gun in A-1 condition.


  • Revolver Action Job
  • Semi Auto Pistol Action Job
  • Straighten Revolver Crane/Yoke
  • Remove/Modify Revolver Hammer Spur
  • Convert Revolver from Square butt to round butt
  • Throat, Polish barrel and feed ramp of 1911
  • Fit New Trigger to 1911
  • Fit Custom Hammer to 1911
  • Install Stake-on Front Sight
  • Dehorn & Break Edges for Carry
    • (does not include refinishing)
  • Install Semi-auto Compensator

General Barrel & Action Work

  • Install Customer Supplied Parts
  • Check headspace
  • Chamber Casting
  • Removal of a Stuck fired Case
  • Removal of Live round from Chamber
  • Removal of Extreme Shotgun Barrel Fouling
  • Cut and Recrown Barrel
  • Chamber and Fit barrel to Action
  • Install Pre-Threaded and Chambered Barrel Lapping Bolt Lugs
  • Custom Spring Manufacture
  • Custom Part Manufacture
  • Muzzle Brake Installation
  • Install AR Brake
  • Pin and weld AR Brake Basic
  • Pin and weld AR brake clean
  • Assembly AR-15 Lower
  • Assemble Ar-15 Upper
  • Complete Ar-Assembly
  • Install Customer Supplied Handguard Barrel Setback


  • 1911 Trigger job
  • S&W Revolver Trigger Job
  • Ruger Trigger job
  • Rifle Trigger Job
  • Colt Trigger Job

Sight Work

  • Sight in customer gun (does not include the cost of ammo, targets)
  • Install Customer Supplied Sights
  • Boresighting Customer Gun
  • Drill/Tap Barrel or Receiver for sights
  • Cut Dovetail in Barrel/Slide
  • Banded/Sweated on Sights
  • Revolver Front Sight Insert Replacement
  • Install Front or Mid rib Shotgun bead
  • Plug old hole and redrill for new shotgun bead

Other Work

  • Glass Bedding barrel and action
  • Hunting Rifle
  • Match Rifle, (M-1 Garand, M1A, etc.)
  • Pillar Bedding
  • Sling Swivel Installation