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The thrill of shooting is only matched by your
ability to experience it all, again and again,
using a variety of different firearms.



Sacramento Gun Club is a shooting range based in Sacramento,
California with over 40,000 square feet.
We have 34 deluxe climate control shooting lanes.


Pistol and Rifle Training Classes

Gain the knowledge, skills and proper,
attitude for owning and operating
guns safely and effectively. We offer classes
for beginning shooters through advanced shooters
as well as armed professionals.
CCW Initial and Renewal Classes are always on our Classes Calendar!


Gunsmith Services

With a unique combination of advanced technology and a high level of personal skill, we provide in-house services far beyond the norm.

Dear Members and Customers of the Sacramento Gun Club:

I wanted to provide updated information regarding our response to the COVID 19 event. As with area gun retailers, our retail business will be open beginning Saturday, March 21.

We will continue with the following operational procedures for our members and customers:

  • We are allowing no more than ten people in the store at one time. This allows for our team to work more efficiently with our customers and members.
  • We will be opening at our regularly scheduled time and will be closing the door at 4 pm. This allows for the team to complete transactions with persons already in the club. Once the club is empty, our team is cleaning and conducting restocking/inventory.
  • Ammunition purchases limited to 250 rounds per caliber. This may change daily with increases or decreases in amounts pending stock on hand.

The range and our training program are still closed until further notice.

Again, everything is fluid, and our operations could change, however until then our retail department will continue to serve our members and community.

Thank you for your patience and support of the Sacramento Gun Club.


Jackie Long

Director of Operations

Sacramento Gun Club

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Store & Sales

Step into our well-stocked on-site store and view a selection of some of the finest brands of firearms and ammunition.

Range Information

In a relaxing environment, members and guests are treated to the finer points of the sport matching their desired lifestyle.

Gunsmith Services

With unique combination of advanced technology and a high level of skill, we provide in-house services far beyond the norm.

Pistol & Rifle Classes

Come learn with some of the finest instructors and training classes. There’s always room for improvement and you will find it here.